22nd of December 2015

The report was issued based on the current test results of 6 WellSim Control Stations at the wells of Lukoil-Komi.The trial is considered to be successful.

There were 4 main criteria in the test program to determine if the test was successful:

  • Extension of overhaul period of the well equipment
  • Reduction of energy consumption
  • Keeping the same level of production or increase in production
  • Production calculated by controller must match the real one

At the moment the following results are achieved:

  • It`s hard to evaluate now overhaul period of the well equipment since WellSim Control Stations are working yet for a short time
  • For most of the wells the reductions of specific energy consumption was fixed at the level of 20,8 - 67,55%
  • For 3 of 6 wells additional oil production was fixed at the volume of 2,2 tons/24h.
  • For the moment metrological adjustment was not made at the wells, that`s why production calculated by controller cannot be correctly compared with the real one

According to calculated technical and economic performance total profit from installation of WellSim Control Stations at 6 wells will be 10,999 million rubles after one year; payback period is 0,23 year (or 2,7 months).

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