WSs is a software complex designed to work with the database of WellSim controllers. WSS is a tool for service engineers to work directly with the controller at the well, but can also be used to generate reports and view trends and dynagraphs in the absence of a top-level system (SCADA).

WSs allows to browse the history of the technological parameters of a well under the control of the WellSim
controller in the form of graphs and in a tabular form, save it, export it and browse it in offline mode.
WSs is also designed for browsing of the event log (startup, shutdown, change of control modes,
malfunctions) and idle periods tied to these events or summed during the day.
Dynagraphs browsing mode allows to export dynagraphs from the controller's archive and browse them
overlayed each on other on one graph up to 9 at a time.Features:
- Browsing of history of technological parameters in tabular form and in form of graph
- Summation of technological parameters for reports
- Event log browsing
- Browsing of idle periods history and associated events
- Browsing of different types of dynagraphs with ability to overlay them one on other
- English and Russian languages support
- SI and Imperial measurement units support
- Data export into Excel in tabular form
- Saving controller’s archive on PC HDD
- Browsing saved data in offline mode
- Substitute for top-level systems on oilfields with a small number of wells

WellSim service monitor